Poland: Expanded biogas target can be obtained

Poland can achieve 1 GW electricity capacity by 2025.

According to developer BioAlians, Poland is on the right path to achieve the milestone of 1GW biogas electricity capacity by the year of 2023-2025, which is close with government plans for meeting country’s 2020 renewable energy target.

Statistics show that Poland has 301 biogas plants with a total of 231 MW of capacity where half of these are agricultural and one quarter each landfill gas and sewage gas.

Although Poland is slightly behind the national plan for renewables, set in 2010, where biogas was given a leading role with a target of reaching 280 MW capacity by 2016 and 980 MW by 2020, and recent policy is hoping for a big expansion in near future which will mainly be in agricultural biogas. In particular, Poland’s Renewables Act 2015 introduced a new feed-in tariff support mechanism which will include separate auctions for different technologies, including one for agricultural biogas.

The future sees an expansion of 100-120 MW of new biogas capacity per year which will lead to reaching the target of 1GW by 2023-2025. This would mean adding up to 800 new biogas plants by 2025. The realisation of the plan would mean that Poland would have added capacity in less than 10 years equivalent to the entire current installed capacity in the UK or France.

Source: ENDS Waste & Bioenergy

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