REA presents the conclusions of a joint-scientific project with Bangor university

UK-based REA (Renewable Energy Association) has been working on a scientific project with Bangor university focused on small scale anaerobic digestion (<100 kWe).

The project was developed by both partners with particular focus on its greenhouse gas emission abatement potential and its cost effectiveness in abating CO2(eq) emissions when compared with other options.

This work concludes that even at a FIT rate of 20p/kWh, small scale farm anaerobic digestion primarily by slurry/manure and waste residues would only cost £60 per tonne of CO2 saved and therefore represent very cost-effective greenhouse gas abatement. You can download the full report here. Please note that this has been sent to DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change), Defra and Scottish Government officials.

A poster summarising the findings of this project has been produced by REA in conjunction with Bangor University and can be found here. This can be used by members and any other relevant stakeholders to promote the case for higher level of support for small scale ‘on-site’ anaerobic digestion.

Source: REA