Regatrace Final Conference

The REGATRACE Conference will take place on 16 November 2022 at Thon Hotel EU in Brussels.

Why should you attend this conference?

The scale-up of biomethane production by 2030 proposed by the REPowerEU will support the European Union in the achievement of climate goals and energy security alike. However, to release the European potential of biomethane it is vital that it can be traded across national borders.

The REGATRACE project (started in June 2019) aims to create an efficient trade system based on issuing and trading renewable gases Guarantees of Origin (GoO), including biomethane. This will strongly contribute to the uptake of the European common biomethane market. To achieve this, project’s partners have been working to set up a European biomethane/renewable gases GoO system and national GoO issuing bodies. They also have been working to integrate GoO from different renewable gas technologies with electric and hydrogen GoO systems, through integrated assessment and sustainable feedstock mobilisation strategies and support for biomethane market uptake.

REGATRACE is a valuable project to address bottlenecks, such as cross border trading, for biomethane project scale up. The development of a European renewable gas market is essential to ensure that increasing shares of renewable gases are injected into our gas grids. This will support the decarbonisation of the gas sector in the path towards a climate-neutral Europe.

Key topics for discussion

  • Implementation of gas GOs and renewable gas registries during the REGATRACE project
  • State of the art of systems for documenting cross-border biomethane transfer
  • Developments for documenting cross-border transfer of renewable gas
  • Policy recommendations for the uptake of biomethane production and cross-border trade
  • Results and impacts of the REGATRACE project on the biomethane industry

Visit REGATRACE website for more details about the project.