Renewables 2016 Global Status Report

Publication shows 2015 as a year to remember for renewable energies

The latest report by REN 21 entitled ‘’Renewables 2016 Global Status’’ gives an overview on the year 2015, a remarkable year for renewable energy.

The last year brought the biggest annual increase in the sector of renewable power, a consequence of improving cost-competiveness of technologies, dedicated policy initiatives, better access to financing, energy security and environmental concerns, growing demand for energy in developing and emerging economies, and the need for access to modern energy. The expansion of renewables came in spite of a decrease in price of the fossil fuels, and the successful year was closed with a Conference in Paris, where new agreements towards even bigger growth were made.

The production of bioenergy expanded thanks to a rising trend in energy demand. A notable growth in the use of biomass for district heating was recorded in the Baltic and Eastern European regions. Averaging 8% annually, the increased use of bio-power, with rapid growth in generation, was noted in China, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom. The year 2015 was marked with continuing progress in the commercialisation and development of advanced biofuels.

The production of liquid biofuel continued to represent the main contribution to the transport section. In 2015 there were plenty of advances in new markets and applications, such as aviation biofuels. The development of the compressed natural gas vehicles and fuelling stations created new opportunities for integrating biomethane in Europe.

The total number of countries with renewable energy policies rose again in 2015 and these policies received further interest during the year, which is of great importance for the growth of the entire sector.

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