RENEWTEC presents The BioProGReSs project

The project aims develop, implement and demonstrate advanced syngas cleaning based on chemical looping reforming in both a pilot and an industrial scale bioSNG plant.

EBA member Renewable Energy Technology International AB (RENEWTEC) along with Göteborg Energi AB (coordinator), Chalmers University of Technology and Technische Universität Berlin have been granted funding from the European Union’s Seventh programme for research, technological development and demonstration for development and demonstration of advanced syngas cleaning.

The project title, BioProGReSs, is an acronym for Biomass Product Gas Reforming Solutions.

The main goals of the BioProGReSs are to reduce the investment and operating cost of the syngas cleaning and increase the yield of biomethane from the gasified biomass. Additionally, a new measurement technique for online detection of the tar content will be tested and it will allow monitoring and controlling the oxygen transport and the temperature in the CLR-process.

Should the estimations of the BioProGReSs project be met, the total investment costs can be reduced by up to 30%, the operating costs can be reduced by up to 10% and thus the yield of biomethane can be increased by up to 10%.

Renewable methane produced through gasification and methanation of biomass and waste, bioSNG, has social benefits in all the steps of the value chain. It has the highest conversion efficiency suited for conversion of indigenous feedstock to a high quality transport fuel in the production stage. It can also be mixed with natural gas in any proportion and easily distributed in an efficient and environmental friendly way. Finally, low combustion emissions make it suitable for its utilisation in the transportation sector but also for heat and power production and industrial processes where clean and efficient combustion is required. BioSNG has other societal benefits as well, such as increased security of supply, regional development and new job opportunities.

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