Renewtec receives public funding for the LignoSys project

The Swedish Energy Agency has agreed to contribute SEK 2,415,000  to conduct the LignoSys project. 

The project is part of the research programme “Biodrivmedelprogrammet – Termokemiska processer”. The project is running as of the first of January 2016 up until December 31 2017. It focuses on the study of small scale thermochemical conversion of lignocellulose rich feedstock to biomethane.

Its aim is to build up knowledge and competence on efficient thermochemical conversion of lignocellulose to biomethane in the 5-10 MWth size through system studies. Apart from Renewtec, other project partners include Cortus Energy AB, Dansk Gasteknisk Center a/s, the Institute for Biogas, Waste Management & Energy from the Lund University, and the European Biogas Association.

Source: Renewtec
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