Romania: A critical and turbulent year for biogas

The Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas (ARBIO) have reported on their yearly activities and efforts when it comes to the Romanian bioenergy sector. Public debates, highlighting and overcoming obstacles for biogas sector and concrete proposals are expected in 2015.

ARBIO met with the representatives of ANRE, with principle issue of discussion: The Methodology of Feed in Tariff for projects up to 0.5 MW. Several other issues were brought up by us and further discussed. The meeting brought together Mr. Ilias Papageorgiadis, President of ARBIO, along with other stakeholders in Romanian biogas industry and Vice President of ANRE, Mr. Emil Calota and directors Mr. Viorel Alicus and Mr. Ion Dumitru. Under Mr. Calota and guidance of Mr. Aureliu Leca, one of Romanian top experts in energy, they developed a very fruitful discussion and clarified several issues. Apart from the re-assurance of ANRE that Biomass and Biogas remains a priority for them to support, a calendar of expected actions was created, too.

ARBIO also has a list of key actions and identified issues concerning the biogas sector in Romania that stretches over policy work and support schemes, including urban heat legislation, including biogas and biomass in it, assessment of Green Certificates and extension for biomas and biogas as not even 1% of their potential is currently reached. An issue that is interconnected with the former is bureaucracy and ARBIO will identify obstacles and propose ANRE a solution for overcoming those.