Romania: Renewable Energy Sources Quota for 2014 set at 11.1%

The 224 / 2014 Government Decision to establish the Renewable Energy Sources Electricity quota was published in the Official Gazette of Romania on 28 March 2014. Accordingly, the total quantity of electricity from renewable sources granted by green certificates, as a percentage of the final gross energy consumption, will be frozen this year at the level registered in 2013, of 11.1%, as an exception to the legislation in force, which stipulates an increase to 15% in 2014.

The Romanian government wants to freeze the quantity of subsidised renewable energy to avoid the doubling of the share of green certificates in customers’ invoices, from 7.5 EUR/MWh to approximately 14 EUR/MWh.

“By exception to the provisions of Law no. 220/2008 for the establishment of the promotion system of producing energy from renewable sources, the electricity produced from renewable sources which receives the promotion system through green certificates for the year 2014 is established at the level of the electricity produced from renewable sources registered in the previous year, 11.1% of the final gross electricity consumption for 2014”, is stated in the substantiation note of a Government decision draft.

Law 220/2008 stipulates that, this year, the electricity quota produced from renewable energy sources, which receives the promotion system through green certificates, should be increased by 15%.

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Source: Energy Report