Second DiBiCoo Virtual Study Tour

The second DiBiCoo Virtual Study Tour offers a deep insight into 3 different concepts of wood gasification. This virtual study tour has pre-recorded plant videos for pre-viewing, followed by a web seminar to discuss operating details on November 18, 2021, with English and German versions. 

The Virtual Study Tour will be a virtual event but will have two steps:

Watch the videos from 3 different and very interesting Biomass Gasification plants before the webinar and write down your question. The questions can then be raised directly at the webinar to the specialists from the plants.

 English Deutsche 
Plant 1: Dornbirn, AT
Plant 2: Neumarkt, AT
Plant 3: Scheibbs, AT

Join the webinar on November 18 (13h30 CET), raise your questions and discuss technical details with the experts featured in the videos! Register for the webinar here.

Visit DiBiCoo’s website for more information.