Serbia: Financial injection for biogas

The Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining has signed contracts with the UN Development Programme (UNDP), which supports building of six new CHP units for electricity and heat production from biogas and biomass in Serbia with direct financial support that amounts to €1.6 million.

The overall costs of the projects is €21.3 million and the total installed capacity will be 6.3 MW, both electric and thermal. The Minister, Aleksandar Antić, said that Serbia supports the development of energy production from renewable source and that further modifications of the energy sector are foreseen in order to stabilize it and make it more favourable for RES.

The financial support of around €253,000 each were granted to the projects in Belgrade, and municipalities of Bač, Alibunar and Botoš, close to Zrenjanin, all in the northern province of Vojvodina. These direct funds equal 15% of the total investment costs. UNDP manager in Serbia, Maja Matejić said that the signed contracts represent the long term cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and also announced a €18.75 million worth energy efficiency project to start after a contract was signed recently.

Source: Danas
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