Serbia reaches a milestone as the 10th biogas plant is announced and under construction

Although a rather low count, the municipality of Bač has started constructing a biogas plant, that is now the 10th on the list of operational biogas plants and those under construction in Serbia. 

Municipality of Bač, located in the northern province of Vojvodina will host a biogas facility with three plants, with an installed capacity of 0.65 MWe each (1.95 MWe in total). The construction started this summer and is foreseen to be completed by autumn this year followed by the installation of the equipment. The facility is planned to be fully operational in spring 2016.

The facility would also have a storage tank for digestate with a capacity of 24,000 tonnes per year. Feedstock be composed of maize silage, waste from sugar beet processing and other organic waste.

Once completed, it will be the biggest biogas plant of its kind in Serbia would employ 20 people. The seriousness of the project is already confirmed as more local farms have signed contracts ensuring a continuous supply of feedstock. Around 6% of the electricity will be used for the plant’s operation while the rest is going to be distributed via the national grid.

Serbia has entered the biogas market only few years ago with the first biogas plants having been built around the year 2010. The current installed capacity of biogas plants in Serbia is 7.25 MWe with another 4.85 MWe under construction. EBA currently prepares a country profile or more of a regional profile for Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia that will cover the biogas market in these countries including biogas production, feedstock overview, support scheme analysis and planned development of the market. The publication will be available in late September and will be available for members only.