Serbia: Vojvodina wastes 3 million tonnes of biomass annually

Milivoj Vrebalov, the vice-president of the Parliament of Vojvodina, the northern province of Serbia, highlighted large potentials lying in biomass, yet three million tonnes of it goes unused each year as it never gets utilised.

“Vojvodina has an immense biomass potential, especially coming from agricultural residues, but at the same time the province is not using it. However, the best example is a combined power and heat plant in Sremska Mitrovica that switched from expensive imported natural gas to domestic biomass coming from Vojvodinian fields back in 2012. The savings made from the difference in the prices of natural gas and biomass amounts up to €250,000 annually”, said the vice-president.

At the Worlds Sustainable Energy Days in Austria, he further said that apart the financial savings, the security of heat production increases, too, as it doesn’t depend on the amount of imported gas, but the locally available biomass.

Vrebalov added that the goal of the Parliament’s delegation in Wels, Austria is to further improve the domestic biomass market by making more ties with international partners.

He also announce that the Parliament of Vojvodina will host the 2nd International Biomass Conference on March 15 in Novi Sad, where the European Biogas Association will also participate and have a speaker explaining all the advantages and the potential biogas production can offer, as well as showcasing success stories from across Europe.

The European Biogas Association also published one of it’s regular publications – Country Profile, this time covering Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, analysing and highlighting the current biogas markets and potentials in the region. Read more about it here.


Source: Radio and Televison of Vojvodina
Read more: here (in Serbian)