Hollande and Merkel deliver joint statement ahead of COP21 climate negotiations

The German Chancellor and the French President addressed the European Parliament together, something that had not happened since Kohl’s and Mitterrand’s speech of 1989.

In this historic speech, both Ms Merkel and Mr Hollande discussed several of the EU’s biggest challenges and made a common call for more European cooperation. Both leaders highlighted that the COP21 climate negotiations and their positive outcome are very high in their government’s priorities, as well as in the EU’s agenda.

Hollande, the president of France, acknowledged that the EU’s pledges to reduce emissions have been key to bring the US and China on board of the COP21 climate negotiations. He explained that pledges could have been more ambitious but then he highlighted that not all was said as the December negotiations will result in the overall deal. He said that there are two elements which have to be in place if we are serious about protecting the world’s climate: Europe has to get a functioning carbon market that provides the right signals to industry, what would mean an overhaul of the current ETS; developed countries have to agree to make 100 billion available to help developing countries to drive the energy transition in their territories.

German Chancellor Merkel supported Mr Hollande and said that a good deal in Paris this year is necessary to protect our climate, but also to avert future refugee crises fuelled by environmental degradation.