Sweden: Uncertainty about the tax on biofuels is causing concern

Mattias Goldmannm from the organization “2030 Secretariat” agrees that the Government should take action and find a long term solution on how to deal with the taxation of biofuels, such as biogas.

As reported by the “Sverigse Radio“, politicians including the ones of the city of Orebro are worried that the price of biogas will increase sharply after the end of the year if the government fails to get the EU Commission services in.

– We must have a large and rapid conversion to biofuels, where the biogas has an important role. I fail to see how to get to the transition when you do not have long-term and clear rules. You sit each year with heart in throat and hope that we will continue to receive tax exemption, says Mattias Goldmann at the 2030 Secretariat, organized by a liberal think tank.

The European Commission has previously said no to the Swedish system for biofuels taxes but still allowed Sweden to continue with the system until the end of 2015. What happens after that is unclear.

The Government has requested a further one-year extension but the EU Commission has so far not responded.

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Source: Sverigse Radio