Switzerland: Nestlé Suisse builds new biogas plant

Nestlé Suisse aims at cutting its carbon emissions by 50%.

In order to reduce its carbon footprint, Nestlé plans to switch to renewable energy where possible. The new biogas plant is going to be located in Konolfingen and it represents another milestone in the company’s environmental strategy.

Nestlé’s goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% in Switzerland by 2020. The new biogas plant will use as main feedstock the probiotic bacteria used to make baby food. The produced biogas will then by refined to be used as fuel as well as converted into heat. The company is expecting to produce 2,000 MWh/year, which represents the heating requirement of 200 households.

Guido Sutter, Chief Executive at Nestlé announced: ‘”We expect a reduced CO2 emissions of 400 tonnes per year, which corresponds to the average output of 180 cars. This is another step in the direction of our vision of reducing CO2 emissions by 50%.”

Source: Nestlé

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