The best municipal biogas plant on the international level

Reest en Wieden won the ABDA award for the best international municipal plant

The plant Reest en Wieden is located in the Netherlands, in Echten.  The facility collects different types of sludges which later undergo the thermophilic and mesophilic biogas processes. Thanks to this processes the potential of biogas is increased. The obtained product, the struvite, is mixed with magnesium oxide, and can be used as a fertiliser.

The plant also has a CHP, therefore the electricity is produced as well, which makes the plant energy neutral. Jeffery Kruit, Sales Engineer/ Account Manager at Host also pointed out that: “By applying the biogas process, Waterboard Reest en Wieden is able to separate the solid and the liquid material better, which will allow them to have a benefit in cost because they have to incinerate the solid fraction so this for them is also one of the positive points about the biogas plant.”

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