The European Commission changes its top civil servants

On 24 June the European Commission announced its decision to reshuffle its top civil servants who serve directly under the Commissioners.

Nearly half of the Directors-General will move department or take on other important assignments. The key changes include:

  • Alexander ITALIANER (currently DG for Competition) is appointed Secretary-General (Commission’s top civil servant).
  • Daniel CRESPO (currently DG at GROW), is appointed as DG for Environment. Karl FALKENBERG, former DG at Environment and a strong supporter of the Circular Economy, was moved to an Adviser position.
  • Lowry EVANS, currently DG at the Maritime Affairs service, is appointed to GROW.
  • Jonathan FAULL (currently DG for Financial services) will lead a Task Force on the UK Referendum reporting directly to Commission President Juncker.

The planned date of effect for these changes is the 1st of September.