“Huge potential of biogas cannot be realised without continued, stable, long-term political support”

Dr. Attila Kovacs (Board Member of EBA) and Dr. Kornel L. Kovacs (President of the Hungarian Biogas Association) discuss the latest developments in the biogas and biomethane industry 

In an article recently published in the European Energy Innovation Autumn e-magazine, both biogas professionals establish that European-produced biogas could replace a new major natural gas import pipeline project, granted the necessary political determination and directing the pipeline money to biogas investments.

Due to its specific nature, biogas offers a broad range of benefits that includes greenhouse gas emission reduction, landscape maintenance and rural development. Nevertheless, the complexity of these outcomes difficult the operation of adequate support systems.

The article underlines as well the key areas of research and development for the biogas and biomethane industry: understanding of the biological processes for identifying possibilities of intensification, pre-treatment of feedstock before the digesters for broadening the substrate base and improving conversion rates, and developments in biogas upgrading technologies.

Source: European Energy Innovation
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