The ITRE committee of the European Parliament voted on the Energy Security Strategy

The committee in charge of Energy and Research in the European Parliament voted last week on an Energy Security Strategy.

The vote ended in by 42 votes in favour to 13 against. The vote in plenary will take place in the 2nd week of June.

Although this report will not result in European legislation (as it is a non-legislative file), the strategy sets important objectives, accentuates the importance of other European measures and member states’ cooperation to achieve energy security. Moreover, it puts in evidence the European Parliament’s commitment to strengthen Europe’s energy security, particularly following the events in the Ukraine which threaten the security of gas supply.

The strategy focuses on several internal measures which are relevant to the anaerobic digestion and gasification sectors:

  • Increasing indigenous energy production;
  • Developing energy technologies;
  • Integrating the internal energy market.

Biogas, syngas and particularly biomethane are energy carriers which are at the core of these three key objectives. Therefore, EBA will keep working at the EU level to highlight that renewable energy sources are not only good for the environment, they are also essential for Europe’s energy security. This is particularly the case for the gas sector, which at the moment is heavily reliant on imports from third countries.