TNO supports Belize to tap their biogas potential

TNO has designed and delivered a biogas laboratory in Belize for the Caribean Community Climate Change Center (CCCCC).

This project is the first step towards a controlled introduction and enhance knowledge of biogas systems in Belize, to combat climate change and contribute to a sustainable clean energy supply. The movable biogas lab will be used to select and test suitable local biomasses for biogas production.

The facility enables the testing of up to 10 separate biomasses for biogas production potential (gas volume, gas quality and retention time) by the local University of Belmopan. From these tests different scenarios for biogas implementation can be studied and validated, while at the same time educating students and industrial players in the possibilities of biomass energy and its advantages and limitations.

The laboratory was recently delivered to Belize and after final installation of the lab, the opening ceremony was held on November 27, 2015. In the speeches delivered at the ceremony by, the speakers highlighted the importance of promoting science for students.

Source: TNO
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