UK: Renewables industry unifies around key tests for next Government

Leading renewable energy trade bodies have come together to launch “key tests” for the political parties ahead of the next general election. The grouping, which includes ADBA (Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association), the Renewable Energy Association BHA (the British Hydropower Association), the British Photovoltaic Association, RenewableUK, Scottish Renewables and the Solar Trade Association, has launched a renewables manifesto statement.

They laid out six key tests:

  1. Support the Climate Change Act
  2. Set a new renewables target for 2030 of 30% of UK energy.
  3. Set a binding target for low carbon electricity by 2030.
  4. Fund the Renewable Heat Incentive for new applications after 2016.
  5. Boost the UK’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation to reach the 10% renewable energy target for transport by 2020.
  6. Reform the EU Emissions Trading Scheme to ensure the market takes account of all sectors’ polluting cost of carbon emissions.

Source: ADBA press release