United States: Portable anaerobic digestion unit ready for demonstration

The HORSE is a new technology aimed at biowaste. 

This portable anaerobic digester provides the means for turning inedible food waste into energy and fertiliser without transporting it long distances. The HORSE, or “High-solids Organic-waste Recycling System with Electrical Output” system, is an on-site organic waste-to-energy plant that eliminates the need to transport materials to convert them to energy and fertiliser.

This isn’t a machine designed for single homes or businesses: the HORSE’s capacity works for small communities, larger institutions, or businesses that create a high volume of organic waste. According to Impact Bioenergy, the company that’s created the HORSE:

“It will consume 25 tons per year of food scraps, beverages, fat, and paper products. It can create 5,400 gallons per year of liquid fertiliser and up to 37 MW hours of raw energy.”

The HORSE is still in its prototype phase: the $30,000 Impact Bioenergy is trying to raise will fund demonstration versions of the machine. Assuming one of the devices could be placed in each neighborhood or community (accompanied by a rigorous recycling and overall waste-reduction program), the HORSE system could eventually “eradicate curbside garbage pickup” and avoid the carbon emissions associated with that element of waste management.

Source: Clean Technica
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