World’s largest liquid biogas-producing plant due to open in Norway

Plant builder Biokraft is nearing completion of what will be the world’s largest liquid biogas producing facility.

According to a statement last week, the first shipload of feedstock for the Skogn-based plant has arrived ahead of the facility starting operations in “spring”.

The delivery, mostly made of organic by-products collected from salmon farms along the Norwegian coast, is an “important step” in the start-up process, according to the statement.

The facility, which has been built in Norway at a paper mill, is intended to convert by-products from Norwegian salmon cultivation to biogas, which will be used to run buses, lorries and other heavy vehicles. 

The biogas will also be used by farmers and will “contribute to renewable” food production in Norway, according to the statement.

The system will process fishery waste and residual paper mill slurry to biogas, which will be converted into biomethane. This will be liquefied and cooled to minus 160°C and stored in insulated tanks.

Having the biogas as a liquid, rather than as compressed gas, makes it a viable fuel for heavy vehicles since sufficient energy can be stored onboard, according to Wärtsilä, the Finnish-based technology company which was awarded the contract to build the biogas liquefaction facility in March last year.

Source: ENDS Waste & Bioenergy

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