FIPER’s study shows the opportunities of the local development of biomass heating

On the occasion of the FIPER conference “Circular economy: let’s start from  energy” held in Rome last June, the Italian federation presented the results of the study “Biomass district heating: an investment for the territory“. The study responds to the need to provide clear indications and accurate data on the environmental, economic and employment suitability for a given territory to start a biomass district heating plant.

Righini, President of FIPER explained that the results of the survey show “how and to what extent the biomass district heating guarantees an important function of monitoring and management of the territory and reduces the fine dust and CO2. It is a project of primary interest for public decision-makers or entrepreneurs committed to promoting territorial development initiatives“.

The development of biomass district heating  is a structural intervention of primary general interest for the territory and, therefore, must always be considered by the public decision-makers to plan the revitalization of rural and remote areas. The idea is to take into account the global impact of these project beyond energy outcomes. The study demonstrates how developing district-heating creates the prerequisites for the implementation of other infrastructures for the community.

The research, carried out by Politecnico di Milano, assessed the economic and employment impact of biomass district heating, taking into account direct, indirect, induced and fiscal aspects.

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