Our vision

Biomethane and other renewable gases are an important corner stone of a carbon-neutral economy in Europe. By 2050, biomethane and other renewable gases will enable Europe to thrive on a fully renewable energy system – both on and off grid. Grounded in the benefits of a circular bio-economy, it will make optimal use of all our resources through integrated sustainable food production, nutrient recycling and waste treatment solutions, while also improving our security of supply and the storage of renewable energy.

Our commitments

EBA advocates for recognition of biomethane and other renewable gases as sustainable, on demand and flexible energy sources that provide multiple knock on socio-economic and environmental benefits. Supported by its members, EBA is committed to work with European institutions, industry, agricultural partners, NGOs and academia to develop policies which can enable the large-scale deployment of renewable gases and organic fertilisers throughout Europe, supported by transparent, well established sustainability certification bodies to ensure sustainability remains at the core of the industry.  

In the legislative period of 2019-2024, EBA will call for EU-wide policies to:

  • Make European energy and climate policies sustainable, stable and comprehensive, increasing cost-competitiveness of renewable energy.
  • Boost production and consumption of sustainable renewable gas in Europe for all energy sectors, including transport, domestic and industrial uses (heat, feedstock).
  • Enable cross-border and cross-sectoral exchange of renewable gases.
  • Gain recognition for the additional intrinsic socio-economic and environmental benefits of renewable gas production.
  • Make anaerobic digestion an essential part of competitive and sustainable agriculture and waste management.
  • Promote R&D, innovation and alternative technologies in the field of renewable gases.