Research and innovation are at the forefront of a more sustainable future and the basis of renewable energy. EBA believes in the constant evolution of our sector towards greater sustainability and process efficiency, better management practices and circularity. Research and development are key to unlocking new potential in biogas and biomethane, and safeguarding European Strategic autonomy in biogas technologies. Our association constantly takes part in new projects and research, which aim to sustainably increase biogas and biomethane potential, develop innovative biomethane productions routes and untap specific end-use applications.


Employing innovative substrates, increasing biogas and biomethane yields, rolling out new pre-treatment technologies, scaling up gasification, capturing and using sing CO2 and upgrading co-products such as alternative fertilisers are necessary innovations to unlock biogas and biomethane potential and contribute to the achievement of climate neutrality.

To further develop the sector and innovate, funding must be channelled into innovation and demonstration projects in the biogas fields. EBA is currently involved in nine research and coordination projects under the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe funding programmes to consolidate the future of biogas and to secure technology market uptake. Research, innovation and coordination actions are at the heart of climate resilience objectives, whether it be in creating a more nutrient and carbon efficient agriculture, exporting sustainable biomethane technologies from Europe to developing and emerging countries or strengthening the renewable gas trade.

Our ambition

  • To secure better funding for research and innovation projects linked to biogas.
  • To implement the results of scientific studies at policy level.
  • To boost the market uptake of innovative technologies by industry.
  • To enlarge the scope of research related to biogas and biomethane.