• Harmen Dekker CEO

    Harmen Dekker


    Harmen Dekker has worked for almost 15 years within the sustainability sector and is devoted to the mitigation of climate change. With both a technical as well as a business administration background he has built his career in the water and gas sector, where he has held various management positions. He joined the EBA after being involved in the biogas sector for over 5 years. During those years, he not only focused on the expansion of biogas and in particular biomethane, but also on the implementation of techniques such as bio-LNG, bio-Methanol, bio-Hydrogen and bioplastics.

  • Giulia Laura Cancian Secretary General

    Giulia Laura Cancian

    Secretary General

    Giulia Cancian is the Secretary General at the European Biogas association. Before joining the EBA in 2022, Giulia led Bioenergy Europe’s advocacy strategy, coordinated the delivery of policy reports, and the organization of several working groups.  She gained experience on sustainability, energy and transports working with the biodiesel, non-ferrous metals and hydropower European trade associations in Brussels. Giulia holds a MA in International Relation from the University of Rome and a MSc in European Affairs from the Free University of Brussels.

  • Anthony Lorin Policy Officer

    Anthony Lorin

    Policy Officer

    Anthony Lorin joined EBA as a Policy Officer in April 2021 to support and extend the policy work of EBA. He works on several files, including the revision of the Gas Package, and supports one of the EBA Working groups. 

    Previously, Anthony worked for more than two years as an EU Affairs Analyst at GRDF, where he was responsible for legislative and policy watch, digital influence and the sustainable finance file; he was also active in event projects for the company, such as the European Utility Week/Enlit Europe.

    Anthony holds a Master degree in International Relations from the University of Lyon III Jean-Moulin. In 2019, he completed a one-year Master program in EU funding and project applications at University Paris-Cergy.

  • Anna Venturini Policy Officer

    Anna Venturini

    Policy Officer

    Anna Venturini joined the EBA in June 2022 as the Policy Officer in charge of following the transport dossiers and managing EBA Working Groups dealing with transport related topics. Before joining the EBA Team, Anna worked in Brussels for almost five years, first at the European Parliament for an Italian MEP member of the TRAN Committee, then as Policy and Communication Advisor at the Federation of European Private Port Companies and Terminals. Anna graduated with a Master’s in European Studies at ULB in 2017 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the University of Trieste.

  • Edouard Coppieters Policy Officer

    Edouard Coppieters

    Policy Officer

    Edouard graduated in European studies at the KULeuven where he specialized in International Relations and Energy. During his studies, he took part in the WhyEurope project, an association dedicated to fight mis- and disinformation online regarding the EU through simplified explanation of the legislation and political context.

    Edouard has recently completed an internship at the Copa-Cogeca where he focused on sustainability in the agricultural sector and one in the European Parliament where he followed files related to AGRI and ENVI.

    At EBA, Edouard will be working on agricultural and environmental files.

  • Mieke Decorte Technical and Project Manager

    Mieke Decorte

    Technical and Project Manager

    Mieke Decorte is the Technical and Project Manager at the European Biogas Association since 2021 while she joined the association in 2018. Mieke manages and coordinates the technical and project work within the EBA and supports EBA’s policy and communication work with technical knowledge and data. Her main responsibilities include coordinating EBA’s involvement in Horizon Europe and other programs and overseeing the EBA’s technical publications such as the EBA Statistical Report and the European biomethane map. Mieke has earned technical and market knowledge on the biogas sector with her work at the Flanders biogas association. She graduated in 2016 as a bioengineer at UGhent with a specialization in environmental technology. 

  • Marina Pasteris Technical and Project Officer

    Marina Pasteris

    Technical and Project Officer

    Marina Pasteris started working at EBA as Technical and Project Officer in October 2021. She works on diverse biogas related EU projects, on the applications of biogas and biomethane in the transport sector and collaborates with the technical aspects of EBA working teams. Marina has earned technical expertise on the biogas production and anaerobic digestion during her doctoral studies at the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (Germany) as well as during her work at the EEAOC (Argentina). She graduated in 2014 as a biotechnologist at the National University of Tucuman and is finishing her PhD at the Technical University of Berlin.

  • George Osei Owusu Technical and Project Officer

    George Osei Owusu

    Technical and Project Officer

    George Osei Owusu started working as Technical and Project Officer at EBA in August 2022. He is mainly involved in EU projects on biogas and biomethane, predominantly on market research and the application of biogas in some EU countries, as well as the GreenMeUp project. George has background in Environmental Science, with a Masters degree from JUNIA ISA (France) where he specialised in Sustainable Management of Pollution (SMaP). He has gained experience in biogas production during his participation in the Interreg RAWFILL Project in 2021.

  • Angela Sainz Arnau Communications Manager

    Angela Sainz Arnau

    Communications Manager

    Angela is the Communications Manager of the EBA. She coordinates the communication strategy of the association. She has worked in the communication unit of different European organisations and has spent the last 10 years of her professional career in the energy sector. Her responsibilities include press relations, content editing, design of publications, management of EBA’s online presence, communication support to EU projects and organisation of events. Angela holds an Executive Master in Communication and EU Policies and a Master in Journalism from the Universitat de Valencia (Spain).

  • Fanny Lamon Communications Officer

    Fanny Lamon

    Communications Officer

    Fanny Lamon started working for EBA as Communications Officer in 2021. She is responsible for implementing communications activities and organising events. She manages the online presence of the association, prepares EBA newsletters, and coordinates partnerships with various stakeholders. She also carries out dissemination and communications activities for EU projects in which EBA is involved. She has worked in the communication unit of different international and European organisations. Fanny holds a Master’s degree in Political Communication & Advocacy and a Bachelor in Journalism.

  • Vinciane Perot Executive Assistant

    Vinciane Perot

    Executive Assistant

    Vinciane joined EBA in April 2020 as Executive Assistant. She has worked as Secretary and Assistant over the last 25 years. She has more than 20 years of experience within associations in Brussels. She has a multitask role at EBA and is among others supporting the team in office management, administration, finance and EU projects.