Welcome to the EBA Energy Translator! We are delighted to introduce our innovative tool designed to simplify biogas-related energy conversions. The EBA Energy Translator features two powerful dashboards:

1. Energy Unit Converter

Convert standard energy units, production capacities and linking them to generation of end-product.

  • Perform energy conversions (e.g., kWh, GJ, MTOE, m³ LNG)
  • Handle capacity conversions (e.g., m³/hour biogas, bcm/year, kWh/year, m³ LNG/day, J/h)
  • Calculate production capacities (e.g., m³/hour biomethane to kg biohydrogen/year, kg biomethanol/year)

2. Green Impact Translator

Visualise sustainable impact of utilising biogas and biomethane, and convert energy units into real-life examples, such as:

  • Number of households powered
  • LNG trucks fueled
  • Tons of fertiliser produced
  • …and much more