Austria: Graz Declaration

The role of bioenergy in Europe after COP21.

With more than 1,000 participants from 40 nations and every continent, the Central European Biomass Conference lived up to its reputation of being one of the industry’s leading events worldwide and the flagship event of the Central European bioenergy sector. Highlights have been more than 200 speeches, six excursions, a special Pellet Day, a Biogas Day and a World Bioenergy Day as well as Workshops from the International Energy Agency, Highlights of bioenergy research 2017 and the 1st Africa-EU Matchmaking. Delegations from Denmark, Greece, Japan and Poland underline the importance of bioenergy for a global energy transition.

Taking the opportunity of the 5th Central European Biomass Conference held in Graz on January 18th, major biomass associations from GER, ITA, HR, SLO, SRB, AT, the European Biomass Association and the WorldBioenergyAssociation decided to unit and signed the `Declaration of Graz` as a guideline for the development of bioenergy in Europe towards 2030. The main parameters are halving the use of fossil fuels by 2030, phasing out fossil generated electricity, a doubling of the final energy use of biomass, as well as a 2.5 fold increase of renewables.

Download the Full text of the Declaration here.

Source: CEBC

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