Biomethane: Switzerland facilitates imports, Sweden favours locally produced

Decisions relating to biomethane are still largely decided at Member States level as shown by recent examples

In Switzerland, the National Council has just approved a renewal of the agreement between Biomasse Schweiz and VSG (Association of the Swiss Gas Industry) regarding the supply of biomethane. Some further improvements will be added so that biomethane covers more than 20% of fuel gas consumption. This announcement took place in parallel to the newly signed cooperation between Biogas Zürich AG, the City of Zürich and Limeco, to produce ca. 5.5 Mio m³ biomethane using synergies between waste water and organic household waste (eg cooking and garden waste).

In Sweden, biomethane produced beyond the national borders or supplied through the European gas grid cannot receive the tax exemptions applying to sustainable biofuels, as per the Sustainability Act 2010/589. To qualify as sustainable under this Act, biofuels have to be physically tradable to a clearly identifiable facility (mass balance principle). While biomethane produced in an other EU Member State can still be injected to the grid, the Swedish Energy Authority has confirmed its decision saying it was consistent with other EU Member States. Imported biomethane not used for transportation is still covered by the Sustainability Act.

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