DBFZ launches project “Guidelines development for verifying the GHG balances of biofuels”

Taking into consideration the German GHG targets as of 1 January 2015 the calculation of GHG emission becomes even more important for biofuel producers. This also increases the requirements for the certification bodies.

In order to assist the certification bodies in the examination of such calculations and balance sheets, the German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ) developed a guidance for auditors within the research project. The project is funded by the German Agency for Renewable Resources on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

From 2015, the tax base for meeting the biofuel quotas according to the Federal Pollution Control on the energy content of the fuels is converted to a GHG reduction target. This step is a further incentive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector. In practical operation, this increases the pressure on certification bodies and systems, which must ensure a professional, independent and reliable control of the mass balances. This requires from the auditors not only a sound knowledge of GHG accounting but also the technical processes for biofuel production.

The overall objective of the project is therefore to collect information on biofuel plants and to process them and thereby to assist the auditors in auditing submitted GHG balances professionally. Launched end of 2014 research project “Guidelines development for review of GHG balances of biofuels” runs until autumn 2015 under the direction of the DBFZ.

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