€300 billion for Member States – first project list by Member States

After the European Commission introduced its Investment Plan just few weeks ago, the first preliminary list of projects was published containing more than 2000 proposed projects. The lost contains projects in fields of transport, infrastructure and energy union including biogas and biomethane projects.

This Investment Plan will unlock public and private investments in the real economy of at least € 315 billion over the next three years (2015-2017). Among the 2000 projects there is a number of biogas and biomethane projects including a cost/benefit analysis of zero organic waste in landfill with full reuse as compost for soil fertility or biogas. Lithuania submitted a project on a 2 MW BioLNG production plant pilot project that would increase the share of renewable fuels in Lithuanian transportation. Further improvements in the Netherlands in the field of transportation are submitted, namely fuel infrastructure that would enhance the use of hydrogen, biomethane and electricity in transportation. Poland has submitted several projects related to biogas and syngas, such as 2 syngas generating plants based on municipal solid waste and industrial waste. A development of a pilot centre for biogas production out of cattle manure in Romania was submitted within the Knowledge and Digital Economy area. UK submitted a project that would see a delivery of more large scale project in CHP and biomethane in order to reach the country’s renewable energy targets by 2020.

This list will be revised in January 2015, when the Commission will make a legislative proposal for implementing the Plan with the aim of having the adoption of the package in June 2015.