EBA at the Biogas 16 conference hosted by the Austrian Biogas Association together with Klimaaktiv

The Austrian biogas sector came together in Graz to discuss status-quo and outlook of the biogas market.

The Austrian Biogas Association (AKB – ARGE Kompost und Biogas) hosted the 12th biogas industry meeting with 300 participants in the Steiermarkhof. The conference was supported by Klimaaktiv, the climate initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

Dr Stefan Pilz from the Styrian Chamber of Commerce stated “Small countries like Austria may not have the ability to stop international climate change but they sure can provide the necessary technologies!”. Mr. Christian Holzer from the Austrian Federal Ministry stressed that the biogas technology is appreciated in Austria. In 2017, there will be the Energy and Climate Strategy published as well as an amended version of the Federal Waste Management Strategy. The anaerobic treatment of organic municipal waste will be incentivised and the biogas technology in combination with waste water treatment plants will be supported. He also made clear that dismantling of biogas plants due to financial problems of the plant operators would lead to immense economic disadvantages and must be avoided. He strongly recommended to keep the bigger picture in mind.

Norbert Hummer, Vice-President of the AKB reported from his work on political level in Austria and stressed the importance of well-explained arguments about sustainability and the valuable end products of the biogas process. Franz Kirchmeyr, President of the AKB and Vice-President of the EBA expressed the importance that all different involved stakeholders have to work together towards a common goal, to mitigate climate change.

The EBA was represented in the exhibition area together with 17 companies which are active in the European biogas sector. The scientific programme of the conference focused on biomethane, efficiency of the Austrian biogas network, renewable gases for cities and flexibility of the gas- and electricity markets. The EBA presented the results of the BIOSURF project and showed the big untouched potentials for sustainable biogas substrates in Europe.