EBA Newsletter December 2012

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Articles include:

  • General Assembly 2013
  • Biogas profiles of UK and Italy
  • Italian Environment Minister expressed his support to biogas
  • German Biogas Association revised the forecast figures for 2012 downwards: less than 300 new German biogas plants in 2012
  • Moratorium on biomass in Spain to be lifted soon?
  • More than a half of Swedish biogas goes for transport
  • EBA’s 7th CAC meeting – read the minutes
  • Malmberg starts injecting biomethane to Danish gas grid
  • The first biogas plant in Serbia inaugurated
  • Politicians in Finland and Sweden strongly backing the use of biogas
  • Biogas upgrading strongly increasing in the Netherlands
  • Microsoft to build experimental biogas-fuelled data center in the USA
  • Carrefour testing biomethane fueled trucks in France
  • Bad press for biogas in the Netherlands

News from the EU

  • Commission’s proposal to mitigate iLUC caused by biofuels production
  • Revision of Energy Taxation Directive
  • Revision of Fertiliser Regulation
  • End-of-waste Criteria for Biodegradable Waste
  • Renewable energies beyond 2020
  • 7th EU Environmental Action Programme
  • What is coming up next in Brussels?
  • Projects:
    • ESBF
    • GreenGasGrids
    • BiogasIN
  • Publications