EBA stands with its UK members and supports national market

The European Biogas Association seeks to continue collaboration with the UK biogas market.

On the 23rd June, the UK Parliament arranged a referendum on the country’s membership of the EU. The tight result was 52% in favour of leaving and 48% in favour of remaining, with a turnout of 72%.

In light of the latest national developments, EBA has expressed its support and wishes for continued collaboration with its UK-members; especially the national biogas associations, which joined us very early in the life of EBA.

The UK is indeed one of the front-runners in European biogas production, leading in terms of growth, development and investment. For instance, 75% of the 24 – 34 million wet tonnes of sewage sludge produced each year is processed through anaerobic digestion and this figure is increasing, as existing treatment processes are maximised and expanding, according to the latest EBA Biogas & Biomethane Report 2015.

Both the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) and the Renewable Energy Association (REA) have reacted to the news:

“Energy policy must be a priority for the Government now, with industry needing reassurance and ministerial clarity on priorities. The first in this list must be confirmation of the 5th carbon budget, which will hopefully give some confidence in the long-term direction of UK energy policy.” Dr Nina Skorupska, CBE of REA

“The policy framework for anaerobic digestion has been closely linked to European directives, and the industry will need to work hard to ensure that we maintain and build our place in Britain’s future.

“The UK’s fundamental need for secure energy, waste treatment, clean water and a strong British farming sector continue. The AD sector needs to make its voice heard, and to work closely with the government to build new structures in all the areas that affect us.” Charlotte Morton, ADBA Chief Executive.