EBA warmly welcomes new member Greenlane Biogas

United Kingdom-based Greenlane Biogas Europe Ltd is the latest company to join EBA.

Founded in New Zealand in 1986, the Greenlane business was firstly focused on the installation and service of equipment for natural gas refuelling stations, and went through a diversification by 1990 that led to expanding their expertise in gas handling, heat exchange and mass transfer.

In 1992, the company installed its first upgrading plant in France. And in 1994, following the decision of the Swedish government of investing in biogas two years before that, Greenlane opened its first European office in Stockholm.

In October 2014, Greenlane became part of the Pressure Technologies plc (PT) – a leading design and manufacturing group offering speciality engineering solutions for high-pressure systems serving major global markets.

With over 90 sites around the world, Greenlane has emerged as the global market leader, managing the two currently largest facilities of biogas upgrading operating by water scrubbing process in Germany and Canada.