ETW Energietechnik developed the SmartCycle PSA to upgrade biogas to biomethane

The SmartCycle PSA technology shows big economic benefits.

EBA member, ETW Energietechnik GmbH, improved and optimized the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology for the biogas upgrading process.

A team of adsorption specialists, experienced in chemical industry, plant building and mechanical engineering, developed the new Biogas upgrading technology. ETW’s SmartCycle PSA is designed to grant very long equipment lifetimes.

With a low energy consumption of 0.14 KWh/Nm3, the SmartCycle PSA is showing large economic benefits, and the optimized pressure swing process that enables the use of the innovative dry, low maintenance compressor technology with a very high availability.

ETW’s biomethane plant can adjust the pressure swing cycles to a varying inlet gas quality and volume flow which is ensuring the total control of the operator over the outlet gas purity (over 99%) or the heating value. This is particularly interesting for operators of waste or sewage plants, dealing with changing biogas qualities and flows, or for those who are shifting spontaneously between electricity and/or biomethane markets in order to increase the income and profit from clever designed process control system.

The SmartCycle PSA technology is considered very simple and effortless and with no other consumables other than electricity, the operating costs are very low.

Four large-scale SmartCycle PSA plants, built by ETW, have a documented overall on-stream time of more than 80,000 hours and 99 percent availability.

Source: ETW Energietechnik

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