Finland: City of Lahti hosts the largest biogas plant in Finland

Gasum and composting operator Kujalan Komposti constructed Finland’s largest biogas production and upgrading facility in Lahti. 

Opened in March 2015, the facility will produce local and renewable biogas from waste generated in the region. This biogas will be suitable for uses including vehicle fuel and, in the future, as an energy source for power plants. The biogas facility constructed in Lahti is the largest facility producing upgraded biogas in Finland in terms of production capacity. It will produce up to 50 GWh of biogas a year, corresponding to the annual consumption of 140 local buses or 4.500 cars.

The biogas facility was constructed in the Kujala waste management centre area in Lahti. A considerable share of the Päijät-Häme region’s separately collected biowaste is already processed on the site by the Kujalan Komposti composting facility. The biogas facility enables the utilisation of the energy content of the waste. In the facility organic waste will undergo a process of anaerobic digestion into a gas that is then upgraded to a composition corresponding to natural gas, i.e. containing at least 95% methane. The upgraded biogas will be injected into the Gasum gas network for transmission to users. In this cooperation project Kujalan Komposti is responsible for the sourcing of the raw material, i.e. waste, and its digestion into biogas. Gasum’s role is to upgrade the raw biogas and take care of the injection of the end product into the gas network as well as the sales and delivery of gas to customers.

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Source: Gasum