Finland: Overhaul for biogas plant in the Turku region

Local utility company has signed an agreement to improve the work of the biogas plant at the south of the county.

The wastewater business Turun Seudun Puhdistamo signed the agreement with a local utility company for further exploitation of the wastewater treatment plant, and the contract will begin next year and it will last until 2028.

The company will work on improvements of energy efficiency and waste management with a goal of reducing emissions.

The plant is situated near Turku, and it processes 50,000 tonnes per year of sewage sludge sourced from business Turun Seudun Puhdistamo and has a capacity of 4 MW. The company is also investing in two green trucks that will replace the gas-fuelled ones, and will take care of the transport for the biogas plant.

“We have worked with the City of Turku for a long time, and we are delighted that we can now continue to develop our business forward. This is yet another step closer towards our targets of low-carbon society. The Turku region is an important area for us, and there is interest in gas among industry as well as maritime and road transport in the area.” says Ari Suomilammi, Vice President, Production and Sourcing, Biogas of the Finish company.

Source: Gasum and Ends Waste & Bioenergy

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