Germany: German Biogas Association to co-operate with DLG in organising the world’s largest biogas trade fair

The new concept for the BIOGAS (now BIOGAS ConfEx) annual conference and trade fair will take place from 2016.

After both parties signed an agreement of co-operation in June 2015, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) and the German Biogas Association will start its new concept, BIOGAS ConfEx (Conference & Exhibition) in February 2016 with an extensive conference program on the latest developments in research and technology, legal and safety-relevant issues. The supporting program in the evening in addition to the general meeting of the German Biogas Association will promote intensive personal exchanges and networking between the participants.

The BIOGAS ConfEx will then take place between the 15th and the 18th November 2016 (and all the following even years). Its major evening program will be organised jointly by the German Biogas Association together with the DLG in Hanover parallel to the EnergyDecentral (taking place in the same days). Thus, the BIOGAS ConfEx will become a fixed component of EnergyDecentral. This means that the world’s largest trade fair platform for the biogas sector will be formed with the EnergyDecentral.

In the uneven years, the German Biogas Association will hold the BIOGAS ConfEx – Conference & Exhibition at the beginning of December in Nuremberg. As co-organiser, the DLG will take over organisation of the BIOGAS ConfEx – Exhibition which means that the exhibitors will be guaranteed continuity and reliability irrespective of the year and venue. The biogas exhibitor segment, which was previously located at the Agritechnica, will be transferred to the BIOGAS ConfEx in Nuremberg by the DLG.

The German Biogas Association will be making a strategic step towards the future with this new conception and close cooperation with the DLG. It will therefore ensure a future-proof platform for the cultivation and expansion of business connections in the national and increasingly international contexts for the biogas sector.

Source: Fachverband Biogas e.V. (German Biogas Association)
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Note: Other relevant event taking place in autumn of 2016 is the biannual EBA Conference, set in Gent from the 27th until the 29th September 2016.