GrDF: Green gas revolution is on!

As France is advancing with the Energy Transition, biomethane production is blooming with hundreds of projects announced.

In 2011, one biogas plant injected biomethane produced locally in the network operated by GrDF. In 2013 and 2014, five new facilities were created. And only in the first half of 2015, already seven new units were inaugurated. With 400 current projects, their number will increase rapidly. Especially as ADEME foresees that by 2030, 10%-15% of the gas flowing through the network will come from the anaerobic digestion!

As Sandra Lagumina, CEO of GrDF, precised, biomethane is at the heart of the circular economy. Therefore GrDF is committed for many years to develop this sector.

Whether at European or national level, the ambition for anaerobic digestion is strong, and has high tagets. ADEME, for its part, argues that 30 TWh of biomethane could be injected into the network by 1400 facilities in 2030. This represents the energy required to heat 2.5 million homes and feed 55,000 buses or trucks.

In 2015, 13 sites inject biomethane into the network operated by GrDF. This represents a production of 131 GWh per year, i.e. the energy required to heat 10,899 homes and roll over 581 buses. The newest biomethane plant was opened on September 8 in Strasbourg, at the Wantzenau Wastewater Treatment Plant. It is now the first sewage sludge based biomethane plant that will inject the renewable gas, 1.6 million cubic metres of it.