International Conference Progress in Biogas VI

02 – 04 September. Stuttgart, Germany

The International Conference Progress in Biogas VI from IBBK aims to bridge the gap between technology and end user.

Topics of the conference will be:

  • Small biogas plants (household plants + liquid manure plants)
  • Slurry- solid manure
  • Biowaste, fecal sludge and residues
  • Utilization of biogas (heating, cooking, biomethane, etc.)
  • Power to gas
  • Biogas as fuel
  • Substrate processing
  • Flexible biogas production
  • Climate protection contribution through biogas plant
  • Bioeconomy (fermentation products management, nutrient recycling, fiber production, biorefinery)
  • Biohydrogen (Bio-CCU and CCS)
  • Innovations and Start-ups

More information and registration here.