Nature Energy and Audi sign biogas deal

German car giant Audi and biogas producer Nature Energy have signed a deal aimed at boosting the carmaker’s renewable credentials.

According to a statement, released on 13 June by Nature Energy, the biogas company will supply “green biogas certificates” to offset the use of natural gas in about 10,000 Audis sold across Europe.

The deal covering 2017 to 2019 will see the certificates offset the use of natural gas in its gas-powered vehicles such as the Audi A5 g-tron.

No financial terms were disclosed for the deal, but Nature Energy chief executive, Ole Hvelplund, said it was “an endorsement of the strategic shift” towards biogas that the company has undertaken since 2012.

Hvelplund added: “More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of using biogas for transport, and Denmark has a unique opportunity to become a leading European biogas producer.

“Today there are more than two million gas powered vehicles in Europe and by replacing petrol and diesel with biomethane, we can seriously reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector.”

He added that the company currently has four large-scale biogas plants in operation, three more in construction and a ten in development.

Nature Energy uses only food waste and manure to produce its biogas and no food crops. On average it annually processes 140,000 tonnes of food waste and about 1 million tonnes of manure into about 45 million cubic metres of biogas, making it Denmark’s largest producer.

Source: Ends Waste & Bioenergy
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