Open public consultation on renewable energy

The European Commission has an open public consultation on the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC.

The Renewable Energy Directive (RED) of 2009 has been the main legal instrument for the promotion and large scale deployment of renewable energy. Amongst its most prominent features are binding renewable energy targets, sector-specific provisions, sustainability criteria for biofuels and the development of national plans (and reporting) for renewable energy. Although some of its articles have been unevenly implemented across the EU, overall this directive has been considered a success by many supporters of renewable energies. So far, it was observed that it has had a significant impact on national policies related to renewables and most EU countries are on track to meet their targets.

Several RED provisions expire in 2020 (including its targets), what opens the question: what will happen afterwards? In this context, the European Commission has opened an online open public consultation on the future of RED.

EBA strongly supports an ambitious revision which keeps the core elements of the existing RED, so as to provide certainty and predictability for renewable energy investors. In addition, EBA calls for a stronger emphasis in decarbonising the transport and heating sectors, as well as a bigger role for consumers and producers of renewable energy.

EBA will take part in this consultation and it encourages all parties interested in renewable energy to participate by submitting their response here by the 10th of February at the latest.