Parker acquires UK siloxane removal specialist PpTek to create comprehensive, market-leading biogas treatment portfolio

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has announced the acquisition of PpTek Ltd, based in Yapton, West Sussex, UK.

With almost 100 installations worldwide, PpTek is the market leader in the provision of regenerative siloxane removal solutions and will become an integrated business unit within the Hiross Zander Division, thus enabling Parker Hannifin to offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions in the biogas conditioning market.


Volatile Methyl Siloxanes (VMS) are a class of chemicals widely used in personal care products, the dry cleaning industry and as effective cleaning agents of electronic circuitry. The waste from these products and applications is frequently disposed of in landfill sites or waste water treatment facilities.

As this waste decomposes, it produces methane and carbon dioxide, a mixture of gases which is used for energy and heat generation, comparable to conventional biogas. The siloxanes blend with this gas and contaminate it. Without an effective siloxane removal system, silicon dioxide – a chemical compound resulting from the combustion of the contaminated raw gas – combines with other elements in the gas and forms abrasive sand. This damages the internal components of the gas engine, leading to downtime and costly repair work. In gas-to-grid or gas-to-vehicle applications, the methane must be totally free from siloxanes contamination to avoid damage to vehicles or gas appliances. Whilst various methods have been employed in the attempt to reduce the effect of these deposits, the regenerative removal system devised by PpTek offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution which allows engines to be run to their full potential between service intervals and overhauls.

“PpTek’s expertise in combination with Parker Hannifin’s products and in-depth knowledge of gas treatment and dehumidification results in a powerful portfolio in the biogas conditioning market,” stated Guido Fogolari, General Manager, Hiross Zander Division. “We can now offer our customers holistic solutions to condition their gas to be used for combined heat and power, gas-to-grid and gas-to-vehicle installations. In addition, we will jointly develop new products for this emerging market.”