Press Release: European Biogas Association kicks off gasification activities

European Biogas Association (EBA) sets common targets of the anaerobic digestion and gasification industry towards the EU policy in a united Mission and Vision document.

“Thermal gasification is a complementary technology to anaerobic digestion (AD) and it greatly amplifies the potential of renewable energy in the form of heat, electricity and vehicle fuel” is the lead message of the new Mission and Vision of the European Biogas Association.

The document, published and launched during REGATEC conference in Barcelona, identifies the policies and conditions to be fulfilled to fully deploy the AD and gasification potential. “It is crucial that we establish a European market for common AD and gasification products: biomethane, ashes and digestate, and that we facilitate cross-border trading of these three valuable goods” told Dr. Jan Štambaský, EBA’s president.

With the new Mission and Vision EBA kicks off activities dedicated to promotion and increase of the visibility of biomass gasification. Today, EBA opened the 2nd REGATEC conference dedicated to renewable gases and it will join the closing panel of the European Biomass Conference on the 4th of June in Vienna. In Brussels, the association initiated the meetings with the European Commission and DG Environment on the Commission’s Communication on gasification that can be expected in the coming months. “If we want gasification to grow in the future, we need to combine our efforts and to start being heard in Brussels.” summarized Dr. Jörgen Held CEO of the company Renewtec.

The complete EBA’s Mission and Vision is available on EBA website:

Download the press release here.