Renewable Energy Act approved by the Polish parliament

On the 16th of January the Polish parliament approved the long awaited Renewable Energy Act. The new law goes away form the existing quota system with colourful certificates towards direct payment to the producer (feed-in tariff system – FIT).

According to the new Act, renewable energy installations up to 10 kW (micro-installations) will be supported by feed-in tariffs, while larger systems can apply for FIT distributed in an auction system. Tariffs are foreseen for 15 years and are capped to the first 800 MW of installed capacity: 300 MW for installations below 3 kW and 500 MW for installations between 3 and 10 kW.

FIT for micro-installations up to 3 kW:

  • hydroenergy – 0,75 PLN/kWh (approx. 0.173 EUR/kWh)
  • wind energy – 0,75 PLN/kWh (approx. 0.173 EUR/kWh)
  • solar energy – 0,75 PLN/kWh (approx. 0.173 EUR/kWh)

FIT for micro-installations between 3 and 10 kW:

  • agricultural biogas – 0, 70 PLN/kWh (approx. 0.16 EUR/kWh)
  • landfill biogas – 0,55 PLN/kWh  (approx. 0.127 EUR/kWh)
  • biogas from sewage sludge – 0,55 PLN/kWh (approx. 0.127 EUR/kWh)
  • hydroenergy – 0,65 PLN/kWh (approx. 0.15 EUR/kWh)
  • wind energy – 0,65  PLN/kWh (approx. 0.15 EUR/kWh)
  • solar energy – 0,65 PLN/kWh (approx. 0.15 EUR/kWh)

Auction system shall be in force at the beginning of 2016 and the first auctions are expected in the second half of the year. Installations from auction system will receive support for 15 years, but not longer than to the end of 2035 (foreseen end of the support scheme).

The Renewable Energy Act can be still amended or rejected by the senate within 30 days. Approved law shall come into force in the first half of 2015.

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