Schmack Biogas wins contract in Bulgaria

Schmack Biogas GmbH, part of the Viessmann Group, and Balkanika Energy PLC are jointly implementing a biogas project in Velkovtski Village, Gabrovo municipality, Bulgaria.

The plant, with an electrical output of 500 KW, is being constructed in a mountain region in the central part of Bulgaria. Liquid cow manure, fodder rest, straw, maize silage and whey from a cheese dairy will be used as substrate.

Schmack Biogas designed the plant and is supplying all the technical components for its operation. Experts from Schmack are also responsible for construction supervision of installation and commissioning.

The project’s construction has started in November and it is aimed at producing energy from whey. The customer owns a cow farm and a dairy production. The heat and part of the biogas will be used in the production process instead of diesel fuel. On completion, the plant will also be able to meet the annual electricity requirements of approx. 1,150 3-person-households with renewable electricity.

Source: Schmack Biogas
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