Study tour to Organic Waste Systems

On the third conference day we organize an optional study tour, during which we will visit the DRANCO-installation in Brecht, Belgium. The study tour is accessible only for conference participants.

The installation in Brecht is built by OWS (Organic Waste Systems) and exploited by IGEAN. The DRANCO (DRy ANaerobic COmposting) process is an advanced biotechnological process for the treatment of organics derived from organic waste. This process, developed by OWS, is unique due to the vertical digester tank and the absence of mixers.

OWS is a world leading company in the construction and operation of anaerobic digestion plants, in the biodegradability and compostability testing of different types of materials, and in waste management consultancy. IGEAN is an intercommunal organization in the Antwerp district and responsible for sustainable waste disposal and occupational safety policy in the affiliated municipalities. More information about the DRANCO installation is available in the study tour leaflet.

Conference attendees can sign up through the registration system. The tour will start off at the Hilton Antwerp Old Town hotel. Fee for the study tour is € 100, including transport and lunch.

More information here.