Sustainable gasification of renewable organic matter – European Biogas Association widens its scope

“European Biogas Association will advocate for sustainable biomethane production from gasification of renewable organic material” – announced EBA’s President Dr. Jan Štambaský. This was the decision of the EBA’s General Assembly held last week in Bremen during the International Biogas Congress and Trade Fair.

According to the findings of the Green-Gas-Grids project, 60 billion m3 biomethane will come from new technologies, such as biomass gasification. Therefore, in order advocate for biomethane industry and to ensure sustainable patterns of energy production, EBA decided to change its statues and to officially step up as a European association that will represent the industry and liaise with policy makers in Brussels.

“Inclusion of gasification into scope of our activities is a natural step.” told Dr. Jan Štambaský. “Anaerobic digestion and gasification industries produce sustainable biomethane from biomass, which can replace imported natural gas. There are a number of research bodies and companies already having gasification technology in place. United, we can send a strong signal to the policy makers that transition to renewable gas in Europe is possible.” EBA will advocate for sustainable gasification of renewable organic material, producing sustainable fuels.